8 Tips to Quickly Increase Your English Language Ability

8 Tips to Quickly Increase Your English Language Ability - English is international language. If your first language is not English, you will find English proficiency test like IELTS and also TOEFL in your country or region for some purposes. For example if you want to go abroad for taking some studies. 

8 Tips to Quickly Increase Your English Language Ability
8 Tips to Quickly Increase Your English Language Ability

The test may become more dangerous if you don't have preparations before taking the test. It will be your nightmare. As we know that language can not be learnt only in a day or week because language is a habit. You need to continuous study to learn English. You need many efforts to make your performance, ability and also knowledge about English become more success. Here are the ways of how to improve your English skills quickly. 

8 Tips to Quickly Increase Your English Language Ability

1. Watch movies with English Subtitles      

Watching series on Netflix or just some videos on Youtube can improve your English skills too. It helps you to understand the language better, get used to colloquial, conversational forms of English and implicitly get a feeling or situation for the language usage. You also could try to pick out important words that sound highly informal. The best part of watching videos or movies is you can take the advantages like vocabularies and also pronunciation from the characters. Moreover, using English subtitle will help you to know what the words or sentences that people said in the videos clearly. It will help you to know the equality of sounds and words in English better.

2. Use English language news as habitual

IELTS and TOEFL is formal test, so you need a formal language learning to take them down. Some preparation of getting some formal language is needed to be mastered. Language news is formal. By learning from some news, you can get the new vocabularies and also update information about the world. Moreover, the content of English proficiency test is talking about the academic world, so you can find the formal information. Try to take some advantages like you can be comfort with some formal words and how to you them in the context.

3. Start making some vocabulary notes              

Either in a notebook or on your computer, start making a list of useful words and phrases. Every time you hear or see a word you’re not familiar with, note it down. Don’t only focus on the word itself, but search for synonyms and phrases in which it’s used. After all, you might understand what words such as “precedence” or “tantalizing” mean, but do you know how to use them accurately?

Making some notes while you find some hard vocabularies is the next step. You can save by write it down on some paper that you have. Before you sleep, you can read and find it in the dictionary. It helps you to enrich your vocabulary stock. In the next day, you can bring the paper and try to remember it by making some sentences. Making a story from the hard vocabularies that you find is awesome. You can do it as your daily activity. It helps you gradually but consistent. 

4. Have conversations in English

Listening and reading can improve your English. But, you also need to use English interactively and practice your own speaking skills with another one. If you’re too lucky, you will find friends like native speakers who can help you. But, if not then try to meet up with another one who also studying English. Another option is talking to yourself in the mirror or just making some voice records of yourself. Listening your own voice might be an awkward moment at first, but you will be able to hear some mistakes that you made that you were not previously aware.     

5. Practice, practice, practice         

Let’s remember it, academic phrases will not just falling down from the heaven into your normal brain. Even if your English is good, don’t underestimate stressful factors like time pressure in an exam. You still have to practice everyday and every time. Focus on conversational English which is likely to be relevant in the exam. You need to be patient by doing some practices about English everyday.

6. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat        

"Curiosity always kill the cat" Proverb is not always true. You should follow your curiosity to find some new. Become greedy in learning sometime make you be someone better. You can aware something that you search. Moreover, in this era you can easily find anything by typing in Google search Engine. Your curiosity means your interest, if you are interesting about English start searching anything that you really curious.

7. Always have fun while you learn             

Studying will be stress if you can not find the happiness in it. Study is time to get the new knowledge like sharping your brain, Remembering some important information and also train your ability. Getting experiences about language is very exciting for learners. Remember to be fun and happy while learning is the real motivation to still learning English. 

8. Learn everywhere from anyone

Not only from teachers, you can learn from anyone and everywhere. Learning from place and person can not be the benchmark of your success. So, you need to search anything that make you happy, curious and still fun of learning English. Remember to turn on your fire of learning every time. 

8 Ways to Quickly Improve Your English Language Skills - Obviously, learning English is a long term project. But, if you need to find inspirations how to learn language very fast, you can use these tips before take examinations like IELTS, TOEFL or another English proficiency test. Hopefully, you can be better in learning English. Thanks for coming to katabijakbahasainggris.com

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