25 Best TOEFL Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Pass English Tests

25 Best TOEFL Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Pass English Tests - How can I pass TOEFL exam tips? It is nice question from all of English learners. You need to find some tips and also tricks about how to pass TOEFL. If we are learning English, it is possible to us to get some knowledge about grammar and also English vocabulary. Unfortunately, mastering English is never granted you to get high score in TOEFL.

25 Best TOEFL Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Pass English Tests
25 Best TOEFL Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Pass English Tests

There are so many tips to clear TOEFL exam in just one go in the internet. Firstly, we need to know about what TOEFL is. TOEFL is Test of English Foreign Language. So, if you are foreign learner and not using English as first language, you will find it to get some score as requirements to get higher education in International level. So, next question "Is it easy to get a 100 on TOEFL?". A 100 TOEFL score is a fairly competitive score. In regard to English-language ability, a 100 indicates you are great, though not perfect, at English. So, "How to pass the Toefl exam tips?" Now, here are some Key Preparation Tips for TOEFL. 

25 Best TOEFL Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Pass English Tests

1. A positive attitude leads to positive results 

The first thing to work on is your attitude. You need to do some interesting point. Make a dream like using and if words like "If I pass TOEFL exam, I will be great learner and go abroad". You should think like that, your attitude, your motivation will help you to do some acts like learn more and study more especially in English TOEFL context. You can do anything like praying to your God is next level of making positive attitude for yourself.

2. Practice is the key to success 

The more you practice for the exam, the better will be your scores. After you get great motivation, you can go to practice about TOEFL. Search some TOEFL question types in the internet, and try to finish the question. You can face it and pass it if you practice and making TOEFL as your daily activities or habit. So, don't worry to pass it. You should worry about your act like if you study and practice more or not. 

3. Set a realistic target score

Like a dream, TOEFL score should be your realistic target. If you feel that your English is bad, you need to think that you should get the lowest score. After that, you need to learn again to get the higher score. Realistic means you know about yourself. Your capacity about English test. Like TOEFL or IELTS, it is about your capacity level of English. So, if you get the lowest score. It means you need to study more. 

4. Focus on your vocabulary

Every language need a vocabulary to be linked. So, you need more vocabularies to master a Language. If you want to learn English, the first step is you should have more vocabularies. In TOEFL level, you need to have some formal vocabularies like in academic level. So, you are not only learning about narrative topics or news. You need to get the academic vocabularies from some academic videos. As we know that TOEFL always ask about science and fact. So, you need to know more formal terms like in science, economics, health vocabularies and more.

5. Start taking notes

Notes means a lot to all learners. By making it, you can enrich your vocabularies or anything that you want to be learnt. You can save by making notes like what you want to learn or what you have been learnt. So, notes  can help you out about remembering the terms or knowledge. For example, if you know about a words, you can write down into the note. Then, you can read it into your note.

6. Introduce yourself with the TOEFL format

Almost all of countries now offer the Internet based of TOEFL (iBT). The rest offer only the paper-based test of TOEFL (PBT). Make sure you know what kind of test that will you take before doing test. 

You can not choose iBT or PBT, it is based on the department which organize the test in your area. You are the test taker, you only can follow them. So, you need to do some exercises to make your test as your test. iBT means like CAT (Computer Based Test), so you need to be familiar in using computer. Try to not being stress in taking the tests. It will help you a lot. 

7. Research TOEFL score as the requirements

Your result about TOEFL will be used as what you want or need. Like if you need a TOEFL certification for getting scholarship, you need to know what score that they need. It means, you can do better if you need a higher score or level than what you have now. After knowing that your level is too far from requirement, you can study more and learn from others or get some TOEFL courses.

8. Learning Academic English Everywhere

TOEFL measures your skills or abilities to succeed in American university or college level. So, you need some academic vocabularies. You should concentrate on studying formal language that would be hear and read by you in the campus, classroom, or the country environment.

It means, you should do some acts like reading newspaper, journal, research article and also encyclopedia. You can also watch some modern television and movies. If you have friends in English university, you can borrow his books, hang out and practice English with them.

9. Using practice tests

The best way to prepare the TOEFL is by doing some exercise or practice about it. You can start by taking TOEFL class. The teacher will help you with materials. You can buy some textbooks to get the exercises in it. You can start by finding the vocabularies, then practice the test. After that, you can find the CDs and explanatory answers. Don't just rely on one book, you can study from any books of TOEFL Tips.

10. Find a mentor or English teacher

Mentor, tutor or teacher means someone who can help you out from the dumb situation. In this case, you should find person who has experience in TOEFL and also English learner. Your friends who learn English and you think that he is better than you, he might be the right tutor for you. 

Try to find tutor or teacher if you have more money. Native speaker as the teacher will be reliable and know TOEFL much better. So, you can be students who learn from anyone that having many experience in English and TOEFL.

11. Build up your stamina

TOEFL test needs your long stamina. Make sure that you will ready to fight in that time. Generally, TOEFL tests a long time to write. If you take paper based test, the test will be 2.5 hours. Then, iBT test is much longer. It is about 4 hours in front of computer. Of course, you will use headphone in listening sections. So, make sure you wear eyeglasses to reduce the radiation from the computer. Don't forget to train yourself by taking some physical exercise like running or stretching. 

12. Come Early before test

The place of test will be crowded. So, you need to be there before the test will start. You can reduce the time to control anything that will you used during test. Then, the advantage if you can come earlier is you will get ready and not tired after the travel from your home into the test center. Don't forget to bring your ID card and also paper of registration. Try to search what time that you will get the test. Read your small notes that you have written in your previous day.

13. Pace yourself

Pace yourself during the test. The TOEFL test is having short time to be done. So, you need to be faster than the time. You need to focus on the test. Wearing watch will help you to do in the right time. Many learners do poorly during TOEFL because they spend much time on difficult questions. Remember that there is no break time between Listening an dreading section. 

14. Improve your typing skills

If you get iBT test, you need to typing skills. Because using computer is not as easy like the expert. If you are beginner in using computer, you need to take computer course. Then, at home you can train to type fast and efficient. Fast doesn't mean you can type in non meaning words. Moreover, the experience said that many students is feeling nervous when meet the keyboard in the test. It feels different and makes them feel uncomfortable with that.

15. Become great reader and writer

You need to be great reader. TOEFL needs some information to be done. You need to read anything and only newspaper. You can read news from the internet, journal and also encyclopedia. Using words from that media can improve your English and also knowledge about the information. Using synonym and also antonym during writing English. It means you need to read and write everyday and every time.

16. Answer every question

During the test, make sure that you answer all questions. Eliminate the hard questions. Then, remember to answer before the time is up. So, you need to make a strategy during the test. You can be anything if you learn anytime. So, you can answer the TOEFL questions easily. 

17. Secrets for the TOEFL reading section

The iBT grammar test is not separate from previous TOEFL tests. You need to show that you have a good understanding of the grammar of speaking and writing. Helps become familiar with basic academic vocabulary. There are useful books for this purpose. Remember that you don't have to know every word you read to answer the questions.

Practice reading without a dictionary nearby. For questions, focus on the sections included in the questions. Browse the passage, read the questions, and then read on for more details. The questions usually come in the order in which they appear in the passage. Expect what questions you will ask in this section. Many books have a basic question of thought. You will be asked at least two vocabulary questions from each lecture. You will also receive a few detailed questions and a few concluding questions. You don't have time to read the whole passage again. 

18. Secrets of the TOEFL listening section

Do not play a band or CD more than once while listening. You only hear this once in a real test. You need to train your ears to listen fully for the first time. During the exam itself, do not look back at the listening question after you have decided to answer. You can't change that. The clock will not start until you start answering. Learn to listen to the main ideas, presentations (comparisons, etc.) and important details.

19. Secrets for the TOEFL Speaking section

When it's time to answer, it's a good idea to hesitate. However, it is best to devote as much time as possible to your answers. If you have a few extra seconds, you can conclude. You will lose a grade for poor pronunciation, so do not try to use big words that you cannot pronounce well. You will also lose the mark for abusing vocabulary and idioms. Before you try to use a term in an exam, make sure you know how to use it correctly. 

20. Secrets for the TOEFL Writing section

Remember that in the first part of the Writing section, you will need to make a connection. Remember the sentences from the practice tests that show you how to do it. The most important thing is to keep your writing simple and clear. No access to the spell check feature. Don't use vocabulary and punctuation that you are not sure about. Take the time to plan your essay before writing it. Your sketch will save you time in the long run.

When practicing an essay, find a format that suits you. Use this format every time. For example, your dissertation may always be in the third sentence of your introduction. You can conclude your conclusion with a question. Make sure you use enough examples to support your essay. Transition words and phrases can make your writing easier to read. Make a list of them and practice writing them. Always take the time to repeat what you have written. Read your essay quietly in your head as you view it.

21. Strengthen all 4 skills

Some people make the mistake of passing the exam too soon. Your reading, listening and writing skills may be ready, but your speech skills still need to be incorporated. If you fail one part of the test, you will have to take the entire test again. The section cannot be restored. When registering, make sure you are ready to take the full test.

22. Dress in comfortable clothes

Dress in comfortable jackets on the day of the test. You never know if it's going to be cold or hot in the rehearsal room. Wear your favorite shirt. If you feel comfortable, you have done better! Do not wear tight clothing. You have to sit in one place for a long time. Even if you want to feel comfortable, take the time to look your best during the test day. In other words, dress for success.

23. Be sure to eat before the test

Four hours is a long time without refreshments. You must not take food or drink with you for the test. Eat well before performing the test. Make too much coffee as it may shake you. Do not drink too much sugar before the test. One gets so easily tired. Make sure you have enough water (but not too much because you don't want to waste time in the bathroom).

24. Visit TOEFL official site

The official TOEFL website contains many useful items that you can download for free. They will provide you with a list of essay writing topics. You can also find important information about test centers and test updates. Many of your questions will be answered here. You will also receive notifications about which resources to buy. 

25. Reward yourself

After passing the exam, reward yourself for all the time and effort you devote to studying a second language! Treat yourself to a gift or an evening. No matter how good you are at the exam, you deserve a reward. Write down your reward before passing the exam. It always helps if we have something to look forward to.

25 Best TOEFL Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Pass English Tests - That's all about TOEFL tips that can be learned and become considerations. You can learn English not only from your Teacher, you can learn from Internet. Katabijakbahasainggris.com will help you to master English. Thanks for coming to this site.

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