The 10 Practical Ways to Improve and Learn English Grammar Easily

The 10 Practical Ways to Improve and Learn English Grammar Easily - So many people like to learn grammar. But, what is grammar? It is a mysterious part of English that if you try to learn it, it is become more harder. You need to spent years to learn it. Definition of grammar itself is the study of words, how they are used in sentences, and how they change in different situations. Unfortunately, There are people who fear and also ignore it. However, if you are finding the ways to learn grammar easily, you come in the right place.

The 10 Practical Ways to Improve and Learn English Grammar Easily
The 10 Practical Ways to Improve and Learn English Grammar Easily

Grammar is not as hard as you think. Everything is started with hard in the beginning. Not only learning about language, but also all of knowledge. You need to make a habit to learn the knowledge and follow the rules. You need to know the language well before use it. So, you only need to learn it carefully. It also can help you out to be master the knowledge. Different language brings the different concepts to be understood. For example if you learn about Mandarin grammar, you will find so much differentiation with English. Please aware of this part.

How about native speakers? They are speaking without knowing about the rules. It happens because they are doing the habit. Language is a culture, and culture is a habit. So, even they are not learning about the grammar, native speaker will still produce the language correctly. Now, how to learn and improve grammar skill of English easily? Here, we have some tips to be learn by you!

The 10 Practical Ways to Improve and Learn English Grammar Easily

#1 Learn as many words as you can.

To study grammar in easy way, you should know the basic element of any language called "words". Get a dictionary book / online version app, and learn as many of them as you can. Use each new word as often as you can. You can make a simple phrase, sentence, or clause. So you will remember it easily. Don’t worry about grammar, you can be everything if in comfort situation. So, just make it fun and also feeling comfort. Aware that every words you have learned, and use it carefully. 

#2 Try to connect every words

After you know the words that you like, you can start to find synonym, antonym and also meaning of  them in your first language. You can start to connect the words by making a simple phrase, clause and also sentence. Don't forget to translate it to find the meaning. It can be proper step to find great words for your life.

#3 Create the words for your daily status / social media

Social media is powerful. Sometime, you need it to enhance your creativity and personality especially in using English. You can show off the words that you have by making status, caption or just quotes for your life. Let it flow by writing what you feel in English version. It is very useful to enrich your vocabularies.

#4 Talk to your friends

The function of language is to make a society. So, after learning the grammar, you can use the words to talk with others. Remembering the grammar, rules and also the context. Sometimes, you can speak but out of context. Don't forget to make some body language if you can not say the words/vocabularies. You will find the meaning in every conversation. Learning with others mean to get the input for your listening, so you can be better not only producing.

#5 Watch and learn from movie

Not only movie, not you can learn from serial television like in Youtube or Netflix. You can choose the right theme or topic that you like. However, you should choose the best one to learn grammar. There are a lot of informal grammatical language. So, try to choose the formal one like news. Try to get copies / turn on English subtitles to help you understand what people with heavy accents are saying.

#6 Ask for corrections.

Try to talk with others to find some errors in your language ability. It will find a new way to make it more simple. You need to ask others to take a correction. You can give some papers that what will you say. Ask them to say that if you make some mistakes. Repeat it to make you feel some betterment in using English.

#7 Know parts of speech in English

Part of speech is the important part of language. Every language have it, so you should know them. They are the classification of words. The words that you use is having the class or function for the language. So, it will make you easier in making good grammar. Here are the definition of part of speech and examples:

Noun – it is the name of a person, a place, or a thing. They can be proper nouns which are specific names such as person name like Julie or Donna, Oxford University, and Samsung. It also can be common nouns or general terms such as boy, hospital, or car.

Pronoun – it takes the place of a noun in the sentence. The types of pronouns are personal (he, she, it, they, we, I, you); possessive (mine, hers, his, theirs); reflexive (myself, herself, himself, itself, themselves); reciprocal (each other); relative (that, which, whom, whose); demonstrative (this, that); interrogative (who, what, when); and also indefinite (anyone, anything, nothing, somebody).

Adjective – it describes a noun or pronoun, i.e. pretty girl (Pretty to explain girl), good school, black smart phone

Verb – It is action word, i.e. jump, dance, meet, walk, speak, sing, right, be.

Adverb – It describes a verb, adjective, or another adverb. i.e. jump high, drive carefully, walk slowly, very pretty, highly awesome school.

Conjunction – It puts together two parts in a sentence. i.e. (and, or, but)

Preposition – It shows position or a direction. It used with a noun or pronoun. i.e., He went to the stairs. Other examples: Julie are not from great school.

Interjection – The function is to show emotions, i.e., Wow!, Ouch!

After you know them, you can easily to group them. It can be simple way to be great by knowing the class of every words. After that, you can easily to know them automatically without remembering.

#8 Look for the patterns.

Search the patterns to identify the class of words in a sentence. Try to identify the words without checking notes. After knowing the patterns, try to make your own sentences. You will find your efforts shown. You can make a sentence from your favorite movies. If you are Star Wars fans, know the character like Obi Wan, Yoda, Master as Noun. You can be easier to be better if you are in happy situation.

#9 Practice verb forms.

Conjugation is the biggest challenge in learning grammar. Conjugation can change a verb to tell some information. It can be time, person, voice, mood, aspect, number or gender. The conjugation of time called tenses like present, past or future tense.

There are two types of conjugation, regular and irregular. regular is easy because it follow the pattern like giving -ed after the verb 1. It would be harder to identify the irregular verbs. So, you need to remember them. 

#10 Use an mobile app.

Sounds like it is a cheat. But, mobile apps can help you out to learn grammar easily. There are so many free apps or paid app that can help you to learn some techniques of learning grammar. Mastering grammar is easily, you can also find some online teacher by connecting the app to the internet. So, learning English with happy through downloadable guide or trick. Learning is not always from book, you can learn from your smartphone now. Use your smartphone wisely!

The 10 Practical Ways to Improve and Learn English Grammar Easily - Learning grammar is very easy if you can find the best ways to learn it. Learning with happy and always study with us. Thanks for coming into this blog Find some tips about English learning tutorial for beginners or experts. We always give the best for you. 

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