3 Contoh Latar Belakang Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Reading Terbaru

3 Contoh Latar Belakang Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Reading Terbaru - Skripsi atau thesis adalah tugas akhir mahasiswa dan mahasiswi pada tingkat akhir. Dalam pembuatan skripsi tidaklah mudah, kita harus membuatnya sesuai dengan procedure atau tata aturan yang sudah ditetapkan oleh kampus dan dengan dibimbing oleh pembimbing yang sudah ditunjuk oleh pihak kampus untuk membimbing kita sampai selesai.

Sebelum kita kepembahasan lebih jauh, perlu kita ketahui bahwa di skripsi atau thesis memiliki beberapa bagian, yang pertama proposal dan yang kedua skripsi. Proposal terdiri dari Chapter I (introduction), Chapter II (theoritical review), dan Chapter III (research methodology), sedangkan skripsi terdiri dari Chapter IV (result of the research and interpretation) dan Chapter V (Conclusion and suggestion).

Pada kesempatan malam ini kita akan berfokus pada bagian proposal, Chapter I (introduction) yaitu latar belakang (background of the study). Latar belakang (background of the study) adalah penjelasan mengenai suatu permasalahan yang akan diteliti, beserta upaya-upaya apa yang harus dilakukan agar permasalahan yang diterliti tersebut dapat terselesaikan oleh sang peneliti. Selain itu, latar belakang juga memberikan kemudahan bagi pembaca untuk memahami isi skripsi secara singkat tanpa harus membaca keseluruhannya. Dalam pembuatan latar belakang harus menggunakan bahasa yang mudah dipahami dan tidak bertele-tele.

3 Contoh Latar Belakang Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Reading Terbaru
Google Image - 3 Contoh Latar Belakang Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Reading Terbaru

Readers, kali ini penulis akan share tiga contoh latar belakang skripsi yang mungkin bisa jadi referensi dalam mengerjakan tugas akhir kalian semua. Berikut 3 contoh latar belakang skripsi bahasa inggris reading terbaru. Keep reading!

Contoh Skripsi 1


A. Background of the Study

     English as an international language has an important role in global communication, because by using English we can communicate on with other people from different countries. It also increases our knowledge, because throughout the world many references are written in English. That is why English is mostly learned by people from many countries, either as a second language or a foreign language. 

     Indonesia has many local languages besides national language that are mother tongue and foreign languages. One of the foreign languages is English which must be learned from junior high school to University degree. It is caused that English plays an important role in our daily life. Nowadays, for job qualification it is stated that the applicant must have a good command of English both in speaking and writing. That is why the students are motivated in mastering English. 

     The aim of teaching English in Indonesian context is that to help the students will develop their English language skills such as reading, listening, speaking and writing.  This condition is less useful for the students because of limited time in teaching learning. Facing such situation, the English teacher should always consider in motivating the students in order to use English in wider environment. 

     Because Motivation is a power in ourselves to do something for getting the purposes. With motivation being as important a factor in learning success as argued earlier, teacher skill in motivating learners should be seen as central to teaching effectiveness. For example, if the students cannot get along with the teacher well. They will refuse his subject, so the learning process may fail because the students’ motivation is an obstacle in learning English.

     Therefore Indonesia government wisely decided to place English as the first foreign language. as Brown States “ learning a second language is a long and complex undertaking, and also total commitment, total involvement total physical, intellectual and emotional response are necessary to send and receive message  successfully in a second language.

     There are various kinds of information media, which are written in English language as the means of transferring information or knowledge and the contact with other countries should use foreign language (ESL). Good learner mastery in reading becomes necessary in order to be able to follow the remarkable today’s world. So, the English teacher must motivate their students to learn English especially in reading comprehension effectively in any possible opportunity.

     In the fact students in our country have learned English at least for three years (from junior high school to senior high school), but we find that their English still poor. For example at Islamic senior high school (MA) MA’ARIF NU 05 Sekampung, most of them are still having low mastery in English either in vocabulary or in reading comprehension, when they read some text books that written in English, they will feel difficult in comprehending the English text. Moreover when they read in their own language most students / readers know what they are reading, but when they read a text that written in foreign language many students get troubles in comprehending an English text, because they must master both the  vocabularies and also need various motivation in comprehending an English text.

     This data is taken by researcher on pre survey at senior high school (MA) MA’ARIF NU 05 Sekampung East Lampung especially at the tenth graders students’. This case is caused of the students’ prior knowledge which the teacher has not taught an effective technique motivation to the students, so the students did not  interest to learn an English reading text. They feel difficult in understanding their reading text. It can be looked from their test result of students’ reading comprehension at senior high school (MA) MA’ARIF NU 05 Sekampung. It indicates 65 % of them did not get complete result and 35 % of them get complete result. The statement of the complete and not complete result is gotten from completeness standard result (KKM) which states that the score of 65 is complete and under 65 is not complete.

     Based on the explanation above, the researcher investigated a whether Increasing the Reading Comprehension Mastery Through Motivation At The Tenth Graders Of  Senior High School (MA) MA’ARIF NU 05 Sekampung East Lampung In The Academic Year 2018/2019.

Contoh Skripsi 2


A. Background of the study

     English in Indonesia is known as a foreign language. It means that English is a language compulsory learning subject where must be taught for the student in the school from elementary until university level. Mastering English as a foreign language of course is not as simple as learning English as national language. Teacher must master and understand what strategy and technique that are suitable to be used English teaching and learning process. Learning English with suitable strategy or technique can help the students in understanding English material.

     The use of English is very important within Indonesian context. It has been the first foreign language which is learned and taught at school from kindergarten to university. English has been a part of the education curriculum system in Indonesia. Consequently, every formal level education in Indonesia provides English teaching. This aimed at improving the Indonesians’ comprehension of English.

     To master English well, there are four basic skills that should be mastered namely listening, speaking, reading, and writing. One of major basic skills is reading. Reading is one of the significant ways in learning English. Reading is concerned mainly in  fully understanding for the readers in creating the meaning intended by the writer. Reading is not enough for the readers to understand a set of word in a sentence only. The readers also must understand the text in order to get the message and information what they have read. A good reading will improve the students’ ability in gathering ideas to communicate.

     Because of the important of reading skill in catching the meaning contained in a text, it is necessary for the English teacher to teach reading well. It may be done by selecting proper materials for students. The reading program may be useless if it is not done properly. The teacher should select reading materials that are relevant to the student’s need and interest.

     The students should learn reading effectively in order that they can find the information according a text. However, the students feel bored and lazy when they must read a text, even less answer the question about text. They find out difficulties to answer the question according a text because they do not know how to get information of the text easily and they need much time for understanding a text properly.

     The minimum time of English learning at SMK N 1 Metro have effect for students on English four skill especially in reading skills. Because the lack of time just 2 hours a week make learning English less maximal so that the students’ reading skill of vocational high school is low on average. Moreover, they do not know how to conclude a reading text where the one of skills in reading is drawing conclusion. In spite of that, there are some kinds of strategies in reading. However, sometimes the teacher do not choose and use one of the effective strategy in reading. In fact, some students feel difficult to comprehend a text and conclude a text easily.

     One of specific skills that are needed to comprehend a text is drawing conclusion. Drawing conclusion is just another example of inferring that in turn is just another example of predicting. It shown that the author seldom states directly what they should conclude. More typically, a conclusion is implied. Consequently, drawing conclusion, like predicting and inferring requires readers to be proactive in looking for clues in the text, thinking about what the author wants us to conclude on the basic of make sense in terms of past experience.

     As with so many comprehension strategies, drawing conclusion is another example of the questioning good readers do as they as they read. That is, when reading a text, readers ask themselves what the author wants them to be thinking at that point. Consequently, many students find out difficulties in drawing a reading text, because the students as the readers should draw conclusion when reading.

     To reduce the problem of drawing conclusion, the teacher should select an appropriate way to teach the students. Among many techniques, CSR is one of the suggested. Collaborative Strategic Reading is as an approach to enchance the reading skill in drawing conclusion of students with learning disabilities. The following four strategies that encompass CSR are presented: Preview, Click and Clunk, Get the Gist, and Wrap-Up, procedures for implementing CSR with collaborative groups and techniques for teaching reading skill in drawing conclusion to students with leaarning disabilities are provided.

     The quality reading skill of the students of SMKN  1 Metro is still low. Realizing the low ability of the eleventh grade students in English lesson,  especially in reading, the research on the influence of  Collaborative Strategic Reading technique on students’ reading skill of SMKN 1 Metro  deserve the reseachers’ attention. The cause of this low skill of the students’ reading itself  is  the use of approach which foccus on the result and not on the process. Moreover, the teacher concerns with in the students’ final result without guiding them in their reading process.

     Taking all the explanations, evidences, and data into account, the researcher will investigate whether there is positive and significant influence of Collaborative Strategic Reading Technique on  the students’ reading skill in drawing conclusion. Therefore, the writer will conduct a research entitled “The Influence of Using Collaborative Strategic Reading Technique on the Students’ Reading Skill in Drawing Conclusion at the Eleventh Grade of SMKN 1 Metro in the Academic Year of 2018/2019”.

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Contoh Skripsi 3


A. The Background of The Problem 

     Language is one of the important aspects in human life. The function of language is to communicate each other. The language learners should be master four skills in language. The four skills that must be mastered by all language learners are Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading. Among the four skills, reading is the most important language skill to be developed and give a particular stress in the classroom. Reading helps in mental development and is known to stimulate the muscles of the eyes. Reading is an activity that involves greater levels of concentration and adds to the conversational skills of the reader. It is an indulgence that enhances the knowledge acquired, consistently. The habit of reading also helps readers to decipher new words and phrases that they come across in everyday conversations. The habit can become a healthy addiction and adds to the information available on various topics. It helps us to stay in-touch with contemporary writers as well as those from the days of yore and makes us sensitive to global issues.

     Reading is to get the information of the text. Many problem that faced by reader when they want to achieve a purpose of reading. Those problems are about reading habit, reading technique, eyes work, motivation, and reading interest.

     Maximal reading skill cannot be achieved, if still any bad habit when they are reading. One of the readers’ bad habits is interpret word by word of the text. Therefore, it is not effective because they need much time to interpret all the word of the text. Maximal reading skill cannot be achieved if do not have mastery of readings’ techniques. And then, without motivation and the high of reading interest, maximal reading skill cannot be achieved too.

     In senior high school, reading is the main activities. Most of the material in senior high school is about discourse or text. The students should learn reading effectively in order they can be find the information according a text. But, the students feel bored and lazy when they must read a text, even less answer the questions about the text. They got difficulties to answer the question in a text because they do not know how to get information of the text easily and they need much time for understanding a text exactly. Moreover, the students have low motivation in reading comprehension and teaching technique used by the teacher to the students are unattractive and monotonous. So the students need something to solve those problems.

     In motivating students to read, teacher should find out some techniques that can attract the students’ motivation and interest. The students need skimming technique that can be motivate and increase their ability, especially in reading skill. If the students interested in what they do, they will enjoy their teaching learning process and more understand about material was given.

     Actually, there are four techniques is used by reader to get information of the text. Those are selecting, skipping, skimming, and scanning. But, the researcher choose the skimming technique because this tehcnique will be the students understand the information of the text. The researcher assume that they use a skimming technique to get the specific information, and to know the general information. Then, this technique is suitable with the student needed. The researcher interested to use skimming technique for teaching to learn there is positive and significant influence is their reading comprehension.

     Based on the explanation above, the researcher investigated a whether the Influence Skimming Technique Toward The Students' Reading Comprehension At The Eleventh Grade of SMA MA'ARIF NU 5 Purbolinggo In Academic Year 2018/2019.


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